"The venue was PERFECT! The amount of authors was perfect. The layout was great. You can't really add anymore anyways unless the Horse gets moved. The music was amazing too! Added a great ambiance :)"

--Lucy Sanna (author of The Cherry Orchard)

What did you like about Madtown Author Daze?

"1. The natural light coming in was awesome.

2. Music . . . AWESOME--just the right volume and mood.

3. Window space to display book posters--I heard some visitors say the posters "intrigued" them and caused them to come in to see what was going on inside!

4. Various media promotions--awesome! The whole event was very professional, friendly, and many behind the scenes details were addressed.

Nice job! Great job! Thank you"

--Terri Enghofer (author of A Lump in the Road)

"Recently I had the honor of participating in the first annual Madtown Author Daze produced and pulled together by author Kat De Falla last month (April 2017).

I have been to, and participated in, many book signings and events and I must say this one was amazing. The music, location, drinks, and participating authors, all were the very best. It was an absolutely brilliant event. I am most grateful to Kat for including me and I hope to participate in all of her future events. Bravo Kat and thank you."

-- Nick Chiarkas