About Kat:

Kat was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she learned to roller skate, ride a banana seat bike, and love Shakespeare.

She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is happily employed as a retail pharmacist.

Married to her soul mate, composer Lee de Falla and raising four kids together ala the Brady Bunch, she is a Yooper at heart.

Kat (who does indeed love cats!) is so much an extravert that she has come full circle and enjoys her alone time as much as her social adventures. 

Rachel Green is her writing partner for their paranormal suspense series: Haunts for Sale under the pen name KAT GREEN.

Kat incorporates her fascination with haunted houses, thrill-seeker love of BMX bikes, her classical music upbringing, and obsession with all things science. Here is an excerpt of Kat reading from First Contact: